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Got a Question? 


Q.  Where can I find Retropia Homewares?
A.  You can find Retropia at  82 FERGUSON ST, Williamstown Vic

Q.  Do you sell new furniture?
A.  No we don't, apart from a few accessories all Retropias products are authentic Retro Danish items

Q.  Do the items from Retropia come fully assembled?
A.  Yes most of the items are fully assembled. However to make transportation of some of the larger items safer we take legs of sideboards & Tables. If this is the case we do put all furniture together at time of delivery for you at no extra charge.

Q.  Does Retropia only sell Danish products?
A.  Most of the furniture is Danish however if when we are out sourcing furniture and there is something from another country that we can't resist we will purchase that too.

Q.  Does Retropia custom design furniture ?
A.  Yes we do, we can Re-design any piece of Retropia furniture to match your colours at home

Q.  Can Retropia Source any specific furniture item?
A. Yes we can try our hardest to find that one treasure you are after

Q.  Do you sell Replica Furniture at Retropia?
A. Absolutely not, all our furniture is authentic originals

Q.  What is the best way to contact Retropia?
A. Email all enquiries to PIA at - the fastest way to contact us is via our contact form


Q.  How can I pay for my goods?
A. You can pay online, in-store at the warehouse, or over the phone

Q.  Can I layby?
A. Unfortunately no, all goods must be paid for in full before they can be collected or delivered

Q.  Is it safe to pay on line?
A. Yes it is, our site uses a SSL certificate to ensure your details are safe and secure.



Q.  Can I pick up my goods from your warehouse?
A.  Definitely if our opening times are hard to fit in with your working schedule we can organise a special time for you to collect your goods.

Q.  Can you deliver?
A.  Yes we can.

Q.  Do I need to be home for the delivery?
A.  Yes you do, as all our goods are of high quality we would hate for them to be left outside.

Q.  What courier do you use?
A.  We have a fabulous in house delivery service, as we want to make sure that the furniture arrives just as beautiful as when you bought it! Sometimes PIA even gets her hands dirty and helps. All smaller items are posted through Australia post

Q.  Can I arrange for my own delivery?
A.  Absolutely

Q.  What is the cost of delivery using Retropias In-house service?
A.  Smaller items being posted with Australia post have a standard price, all other larger items we deliver will depend on where they need to be delivered to and the item being delivered

Q.  Will Retropia help get the items inside my house?
A.  Yes we will as we would love to see where you are placing the retropia piece of furniture. We may even take a photo to use for our blog (only if ok with you of course)and make sure you love it before we leave.

Q.  Do you deliver Interstate?
A.  Yes we do. We can organise delivery for you.



Q.  If my Retropia piece of furniture is damaged during delivery will you cover the costs?
A.  Only if we are the ones delivering the item we will repair it free of charge. If you are picking up the furniture yourself or if you arrange for your courier then you carry the costs of repair.

Q.  What if I change my mind and don't want it once I have received my item? Can I get my money back?
A.  Once you have successfully chosen your Retropia product and paid for it, then it is yours!! We do love our furniture but once you pay then it is yours to enjoy

Q.  Can I exchange the item or piece of furniture or return it?
A.  Only if it has been broken in the mail and we have more in stock(this is hard as most of it is 'one offs') otherwise No.

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